A Play To Be Remembered

Wolfgang's Tragicomedy, in two acts.

The party gathers in Icon, and spends a about a day there to gather its thoughts and plan its route.

It’s decided that they would travel first travel to a town in The Bounty, one where the Doctor suspected an Orbis to be located and Wolfgang had a date with Genere Chevron. Traveling by train (first class), the party largely has a leisurely ride…

That is, until Wolfgang is pressed about his low mood as late by Neil. Overflowing with emotion, the Arcadisian yells about how his own mother, one that was stolen from him by circumstance, was more of a mother to SGs (Lenny in particular) than him. Eumenes and Yung come over, attempting to see what’s wrong, but everyone is shouted from the room. Yung turns into her wolf form in shock, and only Neil is left with Wolfgang, having hidden when the others entered. Wolfgang speaks more with Neil, before running out of steam and sending him off.

Neil checks on Yung, and is assured she’s fine by Lord Marshmellow Fluffykins III.

After reaching the town in the afternoon of the next day, Wolfgang heads off to his date with Genere while the others head to a tea shop where “Louis”, their mark, was supposed to be.

Arriving at the tea shop, they find no one there but an old woman. They sit down for tea and baked goods, before the old woman susses out their purpose and saying that Louis had already been picked up by one of the Doctor’s people. Eumenes and Yung immediately leave, while Neil and Hector assure the woman that they didn’t need her help and that they would be fine by themselves.

Following a set of tracks, the four arrive at an old, decrepit factory. They survey the area around it, finding a motorcycle with a sidecar behind the building, next to an exit, and the front door slightly ajar. Neil looks at the signs of a struggle in front of the building to presume what had happened to Louis, and Yung uses the police keys she stole from several weeks ago to hijack the motorcycle and drive it off for a little, before realizing nothing was happening and coming back.

Hector, deeming the motorcycle abandoned along with the factory, simply opens the ajar door and strides inside. Unfortunately this sets off a line of bottles, alerting those inside to his and Eumenes’s entrance.

Neil, on the other side of the factory, parkours up to a window ledge and peeks inside; in the shadows he sees a large Golem. He picks up a “what was that” from the form as the bottles fall.

Yung heads into the basement from an outer entrance, and finds a generator with a jury-rigged blue manithyst crystal inside. She turns off the generator and replaces some of the blue manithyst crystals of the conglomerate with red crystals, and goes outside to one side of the factory.

Hector and Eumenes enter cautiously, both of them attempting to peer ahead into the gloom. Eumenes’s pet ferret finds a large shape in the back, and Hector moves toward it while keeping machinery between them. While he does, what turns out to be Marx flashes lights on Hector, another of Heather’s associates beside him.

After a brief set of taunts and grandstanding, Heather’s associate tried to alight a trap, though Yung’s adjustment to the manithyst caused it to fail. Realizing that all may not be well, Heather’s associate began to flee. Eumenes was able to strike a well placed explosive arrow into his knee, while declaring “Take that Stravosi Man!” The associate was able to escape the room and attempt to escape as Hector charged forward to engage with Marx.

Niel and Eumenes were able to catch up to Nyxis(?) as he entered out the rear of the building after grabbing Louis and using him as a human shield. After a brief and intense physical display, one could say it came outta nowhere, Nyxis was incapacitated and Louis was secured. Niel headed to help Hector who was holding his own with Marx.

After an explosive scuffle, and a partial collapse of the building, Marx became incapacitated due a great deal to the athletic and martial prowess of Hector. The authorities arrived on the scene and after a brief explanation to Thaddeus, he explains that there was another incident in town at the theater. The group then makes haste to the scene and discover’s a dying Wolfgang, having been victim to one of Heather’s thrall’s.

Despite the party’s collected effort’s, Wolfgang dies, leaving a few final words, a last testament delivered by Dunston, and a hotbed of emotion as the group reacts to the loss of one of they’re own.



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