Maiden's Retreat

A time to rest and learn

Trapped on the castle for awhile.

Neil talks with Scorpio and learns more about his family.

Eumenes spends his time researching.

Hector does high-intensity high-altitude training.

Wolfgang presses the Doctor for more answers.

Yung Pow arranges a tea party.

The tea party includes many persons: Leo, Porthos, and Lady Joan to note a few. It is remarkably awkward at first, but slowly everyone starts sharing information about themselves. It dissolves after Wolfgang is pressed about his views on SGs and leaves in distress.

Just before the castle lands, the party talks with Empress Marielle and learns more about her and her relationship to her son.

The castle lands near Sektora and Tauros, Sir Antonio, Galahad, and Empress Marielle exit there with the rest of the Shits. The party goes on ahead of them to announce Galahad’s arrival and to find out why there are so many humans in Sektora.

As it turns out, James got mad Desiderius was (apparently) alive and simply handing over control of Tektallium to Arcadis, so he called together all of the Central Rebellion into one big mass. Now they were hemmed in at Sektora by Jaxin Valdirrum’s army, as the attack on Bythitor has had the Emperor react with military force towards the SGs.

Neil and Wolfgang talk with Serika, who is actually Prince Eldrast, and learn that he is not the monster that his mother believes him to be.



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