Operation Maiden Breakout: Part 2

That man will never have children...

After finding and freeing Porthos, Neil and Hector follow Porthos to the interrogation chambers where he says his daggers are being kept, which he refuses to leave without. The three are met by a troop of guards, one of which had a manifestation that allowed him to duplicate himself for short term attacks. During the skirmish, Neil punches a man so hard in the gonads so hard he is nearly killed. While Neil and Hector were both wounded fairly seriously, they managed to defeat the group and reclaim Porthos’ daggers. On observation, they are clearly magically enhanced, as they began to catch fire as he spun them.

Meanwhile, Eumenes, Taurus and Antonio free the Empress Marielle. On their way back to the others, they are attacked by a squad of golems. They fire upon the group, but Taurus is able to stop the bullets. Eumenes makes an attempt to stretch the bounds of his manifestation to shut down the smaller golems but in unable to. Taurus stops the golems from proceeding, but struggles with the larger one. Eumenes makes a second attempt to shut down the larger golem with his manifestation, and this time succeeds. Both Eumenes and Taurus are left drained after the encounter, but the group carries on.

As the two groups do this Wolfgang and Galahad continue their mild assault on Bythitor. They deal additional damage to Wolfgang’s Father’s company warehouse before moving to leave the city. While they are being chased, Galahad gives control of his gun arm to Wolfgang, who is unable to hit enemy targets and only destroys a few more buildings. During their escape, they are pursued by someone on a motorcycle. To stop their pursuer, Wolf instructs Galahad to shoot the ground behind them. This forms a crater that their pursuer tries to jump, but is unable to successfully stick the landing and they lose them. The two leave the city and head off to the next rendezvous point.

Meanwhile, Yung Pow and Lord Fluffykins REDACTED.

Back at the prison, Neil, Hector, Porthos, Eumenes, Taurus, Antonio and the Empress meet back up at the entry point to find remnants of a squad patrolling and searching the area. Taurus cuts a few of them off from the group, giving them the numbers advantage. One of the remaining patrol transforms into a cougar and attacks Taurus but is unable to do any damage to him. The group manages to subdue the remaining patrol and makes their way back to the sewers. Neil leaves a trail of blood in an opposite direction in order to throw off any investigators, then the group follows the guidance of Fen out of the sewers.

Prison squad heads back to the truck to rendezvous with Yung Pow and Fluffykins but only find the truck. On investigation they find Yung Pow’s belongings and torn clothes, but no Pow. Just as worry is about to set in Fluffykins contacts the party and informs them some had come up and they needed to move on without the others. He tells them everything is ok and that they will meet at the castle.

Reassured that their youngest member is safe, they begin to attempt to navigate out of the vineyards where the truck is hidden. They have a difficult time finding their way out, but eventually make it to the road and continue on to the next meet-up point.

Along their way, Hector notices that a wolf is following the truck. Worried that it might draw attention to them, they pull over to see what the creature wants. Just as Neil is suggesting they may need to kill the wolf to keep it from following them (as he believes it wants to eat his injured leg), Marielle come from the back of the truck and looks at the beast. She tells them it has a manifestation, to which the group decides to bring it along with them because, Why not?

Prison break party meets back up with Galahad and Wolfgang, to see that Yung Pow is still not there. Fluffykins again contacts them and let’s them know they already headed back to the castle. The group heads back as well, blindfolding Porthos so he does not see anything. He jokes about it, but is otherwise cooperative.

Back in the castle, the group meets back up with the Doctor and Sirius. The doctor asks if her can study the wolf, and then sends everyone to get their wounds checked and rest before they meet up to go over the mission.

Eumenes returns to his room to bathe after taking time to heal as much of Hector’s wounds as he can.

Hector cleans himself up after being healed by Eumenes.

Neil goes to Scorpio to see if she can make something to heal his wounds.

Wolfgang goes to speak with the Doctor about some concerns he has with circumstances surrounding the Zodiac incident. Schedar tells him that anything can set Pisces’ manifestation off, and that once he is berserking it is hard for him to tell friend from foe. However he doesn’t doubt that some of the 12 would use Pisces if it served their goals.

The party reunites back in the hangar, where Porthos has been patiently swinging his feet. Yung Pow is with the Doctor, wearing a new dress and hat. Her hair is a bit longer and is now not pure silver. The others ask her what happened and if she is ok, and she just tells them not to worry about it and that everything is fine.

Neil unblindfolds Porthos and asks him if any of the rumors about him are true. Porthos tells him most of them are, and is about to elaborate when Hector interrupts and tells Porthos he would like to brief him on the happenings of the past few weeks since they were separated.

Schedar tells Hector that Libra wanted to see him, so first he goes to do that while the others go get food and rest.

In the cafeteria, Neil, Porthos and Eumenes get food. Porthos eats as much as he can, as he is quite hungry. Neil warns him not to overeat, to which Porthos says that he’s dealt with starving since he was a child and he knows how t eat. Eumenes commented on Porthos’ eating, “I figured they would have taught you manners in the Knights.” To this, Porthos replies through a mouth full of food: “I cheated through the Knight’s Academy.”

Meanwhile, Hector finds Libra in the greenhouses. She is there with a massive horse-sized wolf. Libra mentions that she was feeling bad that she had not had a gift for Hector because he had not been an original part of Schedar’s new staff. She tells him to try and name the Dire Wolf, and that perhaps it will join him. After pointing out to Libra that the wolf was female, he names her Styrkei.



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