Archeros Crux

Ex-Knight of Tektallium, The Tarnished, The Quarrel


Manifestation: Super Speed


Archeros was once a Silver Knight of Tektallium, however he was stripped of his title of Knight after it was decided he was breaking the Tektallian Knights’ Tenet of ‘Honor’. He was know for be ruthless to enemies, and showed no mercy to his opponents. This brutality was viewed as disgraceful and he was warned to change his ways or face the consequences.

Archeros claimed that doing so would be forcing him to break the Tenet of ‘Individuality’ because this just was who he is. But this was dismissed and after he did not stop his ruthless ways, he was striped of his title.

Word got through to the Knights shortly after this that Archeros was in contact with forces in Arcadis, and planned to defect. In an attempt to apprehend him, the Knights tried to intercept him at his home, where his wife and daughter lived. His wife, ever loyal, would not allow the knights to set foot on the property and a fight broke out, resulting in her death. Archeros arrived to late to save his wife, but did manage to grab his daughter and escape.

He later became a Knight of Arcadis, but you do not know how.

Archeros currently resides in Voltsumber with his Daughter Acadia. He is attempting to train Nero DeGaul in swordplay, but evidently it’s not going well.

Archeros Crux

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