Dr. Schedar Terriculum

The Immortal Doctor


Manifestation: Manifestation Identification

He stands roughly 6ft tall, and wears a long brown leather trench coat that covers the rest of his clothing. He wears standard boots, and black gloves. Under his coat he seems to be wearing some sort of turtleneck sweater that not only covers his neck but also comes up over his head. He wears a wide brimmed hat in a slightly darker shade of brown leather. His face is covered by a plague mask, resulting in none of his physical features to be visible.

He revealed his true appearance to you all after the Amber Grove attack. He has red eyes and white hair, with a slim build. He is attractive, having features not only from Arcadis, but also seeming to be of some island decent. His skin is a dark grey color; evidently the reason for his secrecy because you all know this is in no way natural:



Your current employer, the doctor has been the Imperial family physician of Arcadis for nearly 500 years. He is known for wearing clothing that covers all of his features, and always wears his trademark plague doctor mask.

You have discovered that he is a member of a mysterious organization that serves a group of people with two manifestations and longer lifespans.

Dr. Schedar Terriculum

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