The Apt Pupil


Age: 18

Eyes: Sapphire blue

Hair: Short-mid blue

Height: 5’ 7"

Weight: 105 lbs

Skin: light tan

Distinguishing features: On Eumenes inner left thigh there is the mark of Talsus put there by Malleus. The normal location for the mark is the left side below the armpit, though Eumenes is unsure as to why he was marked where he was he can venture a guess that Alexander had a hand in it. The mark can only be seen when the skin the mark adorns is cold and wet.

General Attire: Black chiton with gold accents, sandals, a quiver strapped to the hip, bow over his shoulder. Flute around the neck tucked into the chiton. He wears an emerald inlaid into a simple silver band on his left pointer finger.


A boy from the Islands that Dr.Schedar hired on as a Lab Assistant. He has since been named the Doctor’s apprentice.


Clank Eumenes