Finch Kidd

The Tektallian...Djcairne officer?


Manifestation: Spacial Temporal Reversal- he can make objects in a limited space reverse in time. He is only moving their positioning, not the condition of the object. You’ve seen him mostly do this to pick up things he’s dropped.

He is an excitable and frankly clutzy young man. He seems to idolize the Knights of Tektallium. From what you can tell, he is thankful that Adris recruited him, and is determined to help in any way he can (even if it’s only bringing papers to and from his comrades)


Finch is the son of a lesser noble from the Bounty. After the war, the Arcadisian authorities approached his family looking for proof of their loyalty. One thing lead to another, and he was ‘volunteered’ to join the military. He was placed in the Djcairne, because it was thought his manifestation could have some creative uses there.

He was chosen by Adris to be one of the three officers-in-training brought on to help in Icon.

Finch Kidd

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