Hector Levimeer

The Knight


Sex: Male

Age: 33

Eye color: Light Brown

Hair color: Bark Brown

Height: 6’1’’

Weight: 187 lb

Skin color: Healthy Tan

Physique: A finely toned, well-limbered build that is wastes no fat nor muscle.

Distinguishing features: On Hector’s back right shoulder is a tattoo of his family crest, and on his upper left arm is a winged kite shield with the Royal colors of House Cahal. A well-kept mustacheless beard, short enough to not be easily grabbed in a brawl.

General attire: A greatcoat with a primary color of gunmetal grey, a secondary color of olive green, and accents of a bronze dye. Under this is usually his metal-studded leather lamellar (with accoutrements), and under that is most often a simple , well-fit short-sleeved shirt. He wears faded jeans and sturdy hiking boots.
Hector usually slings his sword over his left shoulder while he is in a long transit and not expecting trouble, and a hip-strap almost like a sword belt to hold a flanged mace on his right hip. If he is expecting to face trouble, Hector holds his sword near its crossguard, scabbard in hand.


A soldier who fought in the War, and was eventually pushed back with the Western Rebellion. He hasn’t spoken much about this with the others, though his rank as merely Knight may say something of how his contributions were viewed among his peers. He is married to Talia Levimeer, and the two greatly enjoy whatever time they spend together.
His manifestation is a vocal amplification that primarily allows those from greater distance to hear him as he had spoken from next to them. He does not have a name for it, though it is the Voice of Kings.

He was attempting his own mission to rescue Martin von Abestor when the others were also attempting to liberate him. A temporary truce was brokered as they escaped, and further as they all traveled to the Doctor Shadar Terriculum.
The Doctor agreed to safeguard Martin while taking Hector onto the staff, also to guard Martin. Hector has since then worked with Neil, Yung, Eumenes, and Wolfgang on a number of occasions after the rescue, including assisting in the defense when the Doctor’s manor in Ambergrove was attacked.
Most notably, Hector spoke out brazenly against Desiderius’ reveal and subsequent bending of the knee to the Emperor of Arcadis during Jaxin Valdirrum’s coronation party. With only his wife at his side, he castigated and disregarded the “Viceroy,” declaring that Des “will never be King of Tektallium.”

The others of the group don’t know of this, but his younger sister is being held as a political hostage by the Emperor, being courted to nobles of Arcadis. In particular, Count Boris of the Crown and the “Kingslayer” Altone Risveld.

Hector Levimeer

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