Lucretio DeGaul

The other DeGaul boy


Manifestation: Desire Illusions

Lucretio appears exactly as Nero, however you know that he wears contacts to make his eyes black.

When he’s not being Nero, there are notable differences in their appearance. For one, his hair is slightly wavier than Nero’s. Also you have discovered that his eyes are red, possibly mana-blooded.

His personality when he is not being Nero is rather timid. However, if you get him going on a topic he is passionate about, he will gladly talk with you for hours, albeit occasionally embarrassing himself with his chatty-ness.

He seems to have been brainwashed by Nero over the course of their lives to believe he is only useful as his body double. As such he has an odd sense of loyalty and duty towards Nero. He believes as long as he has a use to Nero he must stay by his side to protect him, going so far as to claim that it was his fault Nero tricked Eumenes into torturing him, and refusing to leave Voltsumber or let the party harm Nero quoting the DeGaul family motto “Blood and Venom”.


Lucretio DeGaul is the little-known middle child of the DeGaul family. He serves as a body double to his older brother Nero.

Out of the three siblings Lucretio is the smartest, a quality that has all but been ignored by his family, aside from Adelais.

Nero DeGaul: Brother (older)
Adelais DeGaul: Sister (younger)

You first met Lucretio at the coronation of Jaxin Valdirum, where he helped Yung Pow carry Su the SG out of the ballroom and away from Nero. Later, Neil and Eumenes encountered him in the guise of his brother, and were able to discern that he was not, in fact Nero.

Later Fen, the golem ferret Lucretio gave to Eumenes after he animated him with his manifestation, coughed up a piece of amber manathyst with a horrible memory of Lucretio’s that put into perspective the toxic (no pun intended) nature of his situation with Nero. Eumenes decided to find a way to help Lucretio out of this situation, and enlisted the help of the other party members.

Lucretio DeGaul

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