Niel Schweiger

The Spy


Age: 23

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Hair: Shaggy Sand blond; Recently fashioned from neck length to med length

Facial Hair: Close trimmed full beard and mustache

Height: 5’ 10"

Weight: 160lbs

Physique: Slim, toned, wiry muscle with little to no observable body fat

Skin: Mild paleness from lack of exposure, otherwise lightly tanned

Distinguishing features: Recent bullet wound has left a circular scar under left shoulder blade. Minor facial scarring from clean lacerations, mostly faded. Prone to changing eye color.

General Attire: A long deep V leather duster with a high collar loose fitting neutral toned undershirts and similar pants. The general variation in this style maintains a pragmatic swashbuckler or corsair feeling.

Manifestation: Possession/Stepping Out(?)


Niel Schweiger is the son of Noellia Schweiger, born in The Bounty. Shortly after he was born, his father died in one of the frequent border skirmishes that occurred near the border between Tektallium and Arcadis. Seeking a new place to settle down with her child, Noellia took Niel back north to Orisland, where she once grew up. It was here that Niel was raised for most of his life. He helped his mother with their new clinic since he was very small and after Journeyman schooling, officially became her apprentice. Niel lived there in relative isolation until after the war when Dr. Schedar sent him a letter offering him a job. Niel took the opportunity and has since been located with the Doctor for the last five years.

Niel is headstrong, stubborn and more than a bit dull. His temper and harsh demeanor have landed him in tough situations since he was a child. Ever since he has learned to deal with his problems by dealing with them directly. He uses his gut instinct and intuition to escape unenviable situations while using his physical dexterity, speed, and natural talent to stand up to those much stronger than him. Niel is not afraid of bullies and will often go out of his way to intervene and defend anyone he sees as being in trouble, even if at great expense to his own health and wellness.

Niel was often bullied for never fitting in and had very few friends growing up. This lead him to stay quiet and avoid large crowds of people, though he naturally is quite boisterous. One of the few was Valerie Kneller, whom Niel has since developed quite a crush on.

Niel calls his manifestation, Stepping Out. He lacks a great deal of control over it and the nature of it has left him with a scattered idea of who he is. He believes that much of the hardship he’s had in his life is because of his manifestation and believes he would be best off without it. This negative stigma bleeds over into his perception of other manifestation users, manifestations, and magic in general. The one exception being golem tech which he has always seen as an amazing mystery.

Niel Schweiger

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