Noellia Schweiger

Fierce Mother


Niel’s Mother and a practicing Clinician. Though she never achieved a formal education in medicine, she had gathered a great deal of medical knowledge throughout her life. She is the person who began training Niel to fight though she does not seem aggressive or physically intimidating.. Even still, Noellia can be perceived clearly as a woman whom it would be best for you to agree with. Niel has even stated that she is not afraid to give additional injuries to her patient’s to ensure their recuperation. Noellia’s Manifestation has to do with healing. She is capable of healing all but truly severe injuries this way but it quickly drains her energy. Her manifestation is why she learned the healing arts though she will use conventional means of healing before resorting to magic. Hector recently discovered that she is actually a Silver Knight whom used to be in service to The Duchess of Stonehearth.


Noellia Schweiger

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