Prince Desiderius Cahal (Desmond Bluestone)

First Prince of Tektallium


Eldest Prince of Tektallium, and heir to the throne before it fell to Arcadis. He was thought to have died in the sack of Lavstin, and this was assured to you by Prince Donato, his youngest brother, and Sir Marchellus Augustine.

He came to the coronation of Jaxin Valdirum, disguised as a man named Desmond Bluestone. He was accompanying Altone Rizveld. During the official start to the dancing, the Emperor introduced him under his true identity.

He told you all that he has been working with the Arcadisians over the past 5 years in order to gain the Emperor’s trust and secure a seat of power large enough to one day be able to take back the remaining Tektallian lands. The specific group he worked with was the Debuggers.

He is currently set to become the Viceroy of the occupied territories.

Prince Desiderius Cahal (Desmond Bluestone)

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