Wolfgang Agrippa Blackwater

The Diplomat


Name: Wolfgang Agrippa Blackwater
Age: 25
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Black
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 175 lb
Skin color: Whitey McWhiterson
Distinguishing features:
General attire: Wolfgang is always on the up and up when it comes to fashion, but where most Arcadians focuses on keeping their militaristic appearances and fashions, Wolfgang focuses more on his civilian fashion, due to his family not actually having any military lineage.


To make things not too long, I am the second son of Reginald Blackwater and Sophie Blackwater, the latter has mysteriously disappeared due to rumors that she may have been Tektallium/Tektallium Sypmathizer. Leaving my sister Vivianne, and my father to be the only two family members that I knew for a very long time, which was not fun being the only non manifestor in a manifesting family. Luckily I met two really great people. Alivar Pajari, and Darja Zemen. We would go on many childhood adventures together, doing whatever we did to mess with the noble status quo. Our greatest prank failed on us though, causing myself to be removed from my friends. Years pass and I meet a new group of nobles. They were fun to be around, although not as fun as Alivar and Darja. Well it was good that I kept my distance with them because they were actually planning an elaborate assassination plan to kill all of their siblings to become the heir of their respective families. To which I had to stop right away, which put me under house arrest. The Doctor, hearing of my exploits, decided to hire me and well, the rest is history

Wolfgang Agrippa Blackwater

Clank Asslord