Yung Pow

Explosives "Expert"


Age: 14

Eyes: Red

Hair: Silver with lately a few strains of Black and Reddish Brown

Female, somewhat small height for her age.


Yung hazy remembers growing up with her loving father Raye Pow in the Blackenvien; her mother, Naomi Pow, died in giving labor to what was going to be her younger brother. Her father was a gifted mechanic who worked in for the “State Bureau of Investigation of Tampering with Government Technology though Manifestation”. He taught Yung his mechanical knowledge at a very young age. Yung was happy, but this happiness was not to last as her father died of a sudden heart attack when she was 10.

Yung was throw into the state orphanage system because she had no remaining relates. The foster house that she was sent to was run by a man called The Duke. The Duke was in charge of the Society of Enlighten Birdmen; a group that planed to use suicide golems in a campaign of terror against the state of Arcadis. The Duke treated her as a possession, even going so far as referring her as a number instead of her name for the Duke numbered all his possessions. Because of her talent, Yung was forced to build the explosives inside of golems and SGs (a dangerous job, given to her because she was considered by the Duke as a disposable assist and that she was good at it). Fearing for her safely Yung decided to run away but not before she stole the Dukes pet rat. She almost failed in this but with the help of her new friend Fullykins, together they blow up the foster house with the Duke still inside it.

Afterwards, she lived on the streets, getting though life by repairing golems (chumps) and SGs (champs) from matches in underground fighting until one day she got a letter from Dr. Schedar.

Yung Pow

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