Two Weeks Vaction
Operation: Icecream

Best thing ever.

Operation: Train Rescue

Rescued Martin Von Abestor

Hector Levimeer joined the party.

When to the house of Jaxin Valdirum

Amber Manathyst Recovery

Doctor asked party to retrieve Amber Manathyst that was stolen.

The gang investigates the where it was stolen.

Enter New Forgore.

Yung uses her contacts to find about anyone who could lift the train tracks.

Neil finds about the rebels.

We meet Aries.

We head towards sektora.

We meet Lio and his rebels.

Yung has a tea party with Lenny.

We find that the manathyst was stolen by a SG for sektora.

Head into Sektora.

Meet everyone there.

Do a job for the king speaking to some plebs.

Get the manathyst back.

Yung has a strange vision by touching the manathyst.

Leave Sektora.

Meet Alice and Bertram.

Operation: Grounded Thunder

Dr. Schedar Terriculum next task for the party is to takes out a bunch of raiders lead by Darick and capture him.

Before leaving, Lyra gets upset at Yung Pow at the implications of set forth by the stuffed animals (her emotional state being perturbed by Eumenes making a pass at Bretly Weiss) at her tea party and they have a girl talk.

Neil scouts out the bandit camp, and rescues all of the captives (including Elaine) using his superior skills in stealth. Meanwhile, the rest of the party meet Princess Auralily Cahal (Lilette (Lily) Schneider) stuck in a tree. Yung helps her down with the help of a hammock. Then the party mets her husband Thaddeus Schneider and the age difference made everyone uncomfortable.

Young gets the idea to make a special grenade using red and green Manathyst, hair gel and some metal shavings. This device would turn Darick lighting power against himself.

On their way back to the town where Darick is planned to strike next, they see Neil in the distance. Eumenes gets his attention by shooting an arrow near him. All together again the party planes the defense of the town. Wolfgang rallies the towns people while Yung constructs a barricade wall.

The fight begins with Darick flipping his car over then the motor gets hit by an arrow shot by Eumemes. The two raiders on horseback yolo over the barricade, the some of the townsfolk engage the one while Wolfgang pulls out a razor and battles the other. At this point Neil springs from his hiding space and grapples Darick. Meanwhile, Eumemes starts using the dead bodies as puppets for his manifestation (Wolfgang and Neil are freaked out by this). Seeing her chance to disable Darick, Yungs yells out to Neil to move and throws the grenade. The grenade works and when Darick uses his manifestation it feeds back into himself.

With the battle won, the gang takes Darick back to the doctor.

Operation: Prison Break

Dr. Schedar Terriculum what to study Lewis, party goal is to breaks him out of prison.

After a lovely breakfast of omelets and some lite studying of childbirth by Eumenes (with him also making a pass at Bretly Weiss), the group heads out to the town where the mark is held.

Niel Schweiger scopes out the jail. Eumenes goes to the clinic asking if anyone is about to have a baby or needs medical attention. Wolfgang Agrippa Blackwater sets up a private date with the head guard of the prison. Yung Pow helps out the local mechanic shop with repairing a war golem while getting some free donuts and beer.

Later that night while Wolfgang is on a date, Neil uses his manifestation (with Yung guarding his body) to take over one of the guards body. Neil uses the guard to beat up Lewis. Lewis is then needed to be moved to the clinic. Neil and Eumenes intercept the guards and manage to capture Lewis despite Eumenes punching Neil a few times.

New Beginning

After getting letters from Dr. Schedar Terriculum, Eumenes Wolfgang Agrippa Blackwater and Yung Pow arrive at Ambergrove. Wolfgang arrives by train from Northgate and had a horrible trip because he rode coach. Eumenes also didn’t enjoy his trip, he doesn’t like boats. Yung is left outside of town by some of her associates, and picks some peaches befor meeting Lyra. The three then meet the doctor, the rest of the staff, and Niel Schweiger. The rest of the day is spent getting dinner ready and dyeing Wolfgang’s shades. Also, Yung uses some of the doctors pillows to make some stuffed animals.

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