Tag: Doctor's Staff


  • Niel Schweiger

    Niel Schweiger is the son of Noellia Schweiger, born in The Bounty. Shortly after he was born, his father died in one of the frequent border skirmishes that occurred near the border between Tektallium and Arcadis. Seeking a new place to settle down with …

  • Bretly Weiss

    [[:dr-schedar-terriculum | Dr.Schedar]]’s head of security. He appears to be in his early thirties, and while he appears Arcadisian with his pale skin and silver hair, his facial features and light brown eyes suggest he is not pure-blooded. He has a …

  • Lyra

    A member of the [[:dr-schedar-terriculum | doctor]]’s security, and lieutenant to [[:bretly-weiss | Bretly]]. She and Bretly are very close. You discovered that she had feelings for Bretly, but he did not feel the same, seeing her as more of a daughter …

  • Karl (Pictus)

    The handyman at Doctor Schedar’s Amber Grove lab. He also goes by Pictus, and is a member of the organization Dr.Schedar is a part of. Has short black hair and wears a small pair of glasses