Tag: Necromancy


  • Stavros

    [[:eumenes | Eumenes's]] place of birth. Located in the middle of the Qvelík’ánku Islands Stavros is a maritime trade powerhouse, who's navel might is unrivaled in the Islands. City: An island set out in the sea apart from the main country. The …

  • Malleus

    [[:eumenes | Eumenes]] previous teacher from whom he learned most of his craft. Having been insulted by [[:dr-schedar-terriculum | Dr. Schedar Terriculum]] he sent an assassin to deal with the doctor. He works for [[:alexander-quintillus | Alexander …

  • Sartorius

    Sartorius was hired by [[:alexander-quintillus | Alexander Quintillus]] to essentially replace [[:eumenes | Eumenes]] as [[:malleus | Malleus's]] student. Sparking Eumenes into leaving Stavros and join the Doctor.