Dinner with the DeGauls


The party continues having tea with Adelais and finishes up discussing plans to get Lucretio out of his duty as Nero’s body double (And ideally out of Voltsumber in general). Adelais’ head of guard, a ninja named Jin, literally drops in to deliver a wrapped package to her. As Adelais is about to start giving a tour of the castle, Nero arrives to take Eumenes on a date. Eumenes goes with Nero, while the others go with Adelais. Meanwhile Elroy remains in disguise as a guard and gains further intel for the group.

Eumenes is taken on a lovely tour of the castle and city. Nero takes him to the highest tower in the castle, and the two talk about some personal things. Nero tells Eumenes he has one last activity planned for their day; he has a prisoner down in the dungeons and would love to watch Eumenes ‘work’.

During their tour, Elroy gets a message to the others that he has discovered the location of some of the secret passageways some of the guards are using, and thinks they could be used if the group had to get out fast.

In the dungeons Eumenes, spectated by Nero and two vampires, does his thang to the prisoner whose face is covered by a black sack to ‘hide Eumenes identity’. After a while, Nero stops Eumenes and praises his work, only to reveal that the victim was Lucretio. Eumenes plays off his rage as being mad that Nero didn’t tell him who the prisoner was, and Nero seems to buy it. The two head back upstairs to meet for dinner with the others.

Meanwhile, After the tour Yung expresses her discomfort with constantly having to see naked women to spot for the marks of M, which then devolves to a conversation on modesty. Neil asks Adelais if he can go somewhere to get away from all of the crazy, and she leads him up to her room, as it is one of the higher up places in the keep.

Hector and Yung Pow get some alone time and walk about the castle gardens, talking about knight things. They cross paths with Archeros, and have an incredibly awkward conversation about Archeros’ family and ejection from the Tektallian Knights.

Neil sees this meeting from out Adelais’ window and uses ropes from her curtains to repel down the outer wall and interrupt the conversation. The group then heads to dinner.

The party reunites in the dining hall, and has dinner with the DeGauls, Archeros, and his daughter Acadia. Lord Morgan DeGaul arrives late. Much of the conversation dwells on Adelais’ potential suitors, and general discontent that the party is there from Elizabeth and Morgan DeGaul, though Lord DeGaul seems more disappointed. At dinner Yung Pow notices that Acadia is glaring at Eumenes while fawning over Nero, and asks Adelais for more information on the apparent love triangle. She learns that Acadia has had feeling for Nero since they first met, and that ironically enough her manifestation is a healing one.

After dinner, Neil and Hector briefly speak to Archeros and Acadia, and make a date to sit down and talk in the morning during Acadia’s training session.

Eumenes follows Adelais and asks to speak in private. He tells her what happened down in the dungeons, and she takes some time to comfort him before taking him to Lucretio’s room. He apologizes to Lucretio, who repeatedly claims that he was at fault and Eumenes should think nothing of it. Eumenes goes to work properly bandaging and caring for Lucretio’s wounds.

Meanwhile, while Yung Pow takes a bath, Hector and Neil go look for Eumenes. They manage to find out from a guard where Eumenes is, and go to search. They find Adelais outside the room, and she tells them they cannot enter. Hector ignores her, and walks past to enter the room. He is surprised by Jin, who drops down to hold him in place. Jin politely tells Hector that he cannot enter the room.

Hearing the commotion of his rambunctious Tektallian allies, Eumenes pauses to let them know he’s ok and kindly ask them to gtfo. On seeing that Eumenes has been crying, Neil assumes someone was beating him and barges into the room. On seeing Lucretio bandaged on the bed, Neil is suddenly very confused.

Eumenes explains what has happened, and Adelais leaves the room so the group can speak in private. Neil helps Eumenes finish up treating Lucretio’s wounds, and they vow to get Lucretio out of Blackenvein, and to make Nero pay.

Lucretio doesn’t like that, and while appreciating their efforts tells them that so long as he has a use to Nero, he has to stay. And tells them he cannot let the hurt Nero. Neil tells him he’s too good for Nero, and that he won’t have to worry about him anymore. Eumenes promises not to harm Nero, and Lucretio seems satisfied, however doesn’t notice that Neil and Hector have made no such promises.

After giving him strict orders to take it easy, the party leaves Lucretio’s room and goes to bed.

In the morning they wake up to the sound of a festival picking up in the city, and Eumenes remembers Nero telling him that there was in fact a holiday festival that day.

They receive another message from Elroy, which explains that he has discovered that there are divisions of loyalty within the guards. He also mentions that he overheard, that night the Vampires fought and killed an islander in the city.



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