Madame of the Golden Veil


She is the Madame of the Golden Veil Gentleman/women’s Club in Manytread, Highpass.

You met her on your mission to investigate the merchant who had acquired a large amount of manathyst wares. You came to her seeking information on a person named “Carbonato” who apparently was the supplier of these wares.

She did not take kindly to you inquiring into Carbonato, and seemed to only get more hostile as Eumenes played his “I’m Schedar’s Apprentice” card. However, on learning that Hector was a Knight of Tektallium she warmed up (a bit) and took you to see Carbonato, whom was revealed to be Sir Athos Sutherland.

She is a close friend of Athos, and has been taking care of him since he first moved to Manytread. She is very protective of him, and isn’t afraid to stand up for him no matter who is in her way.


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