Sir Athos Sutherland

The Diamond Knight


Manifestation: Manathyst physiology


Known as “The Diamond Knight”, Sir Athos Sutherland is a Silver Knight, and Leader of “The Queen’s Blades”. He is the eldest of the three, but only by a year. Not only did he come from common blood, but his father was Arcadisian, making him of mixed blood. Before the war, the village he lived in was raided by Arcadisians (though this could never be proved enough to warrant action), and he was left the only survivor. He was taken in by the Knights who found him, lead by Sir Marchellus, and raised in the academy. He was among the top students in the academy, and his name to this day can be seen as the record holder for several academy achievements. He was known for being meticulous about his appearance, but never looking un-masculine, and for his rare manifestation.

This in not the man you met in Manytread. He is currently a shell of his old self; have seemed to all but abandon his meticulous appearance and gotten in with an unsavory crowd.

You discovered his location while investigating the merchant Gunner Slickstream, who had somehow acquired a large quantity of manathyst wares. You eventually tracked down the source of these wares to a person by the alias “Carbonato” in the city of Manytread.

In Manytread, you tracked down Carbonato by asking Miriah, Madame of the Golden Veil, if she had heard of him. She refused to give you any information, until learning of Hector’s Status of Knight. On learning this, she had a change of heart and lead you to the home of Carbonato, who you then learned was Sir Athos.

Sir Athos Sutherland

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